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ESCO Venesianka”, decorative mastic with a look of marble, on an acrylic-polymer basis. It is ready to use, used in all exterior and interior surfaces. To create a different design and finishing effect, you can use different hand tools. At the end of application, it creates a design resistant to dirt and wear, transparent and shiny marble.

PROPERTIES: “ESCO Venetsianka”, is a marbled acrylic-based product with the following properties:

High quality decorative finish.

It is not flammable and explosive.

The ultimate brilliant look of high quality.

Easy to use.

Does not harm the environment. Resistant to weather.

FIELD OF APPLICATION: ESCO Venetsianka ”is applied in any external and internal front surfaces. It is an ideal finishing material for the surfaces of the facades of restaurants, galleries, villas, hotels and lobbies.

SURFACE PREPARATION: New surface: Make sure that the surface is free of all dust, dirt and foreign substances. Moreover, make sure that the surface does not contain salt, fat, solid oil and other substances. Cover all adjacent surfaces on which mastic will not be applied. It is recommended that all cracks, voids and faulty places to be repaired with Ventum Satenser/Fasafer materials. Old surface: Ensure that the application surface of the material is solid. Rinse with water and soda solution, rinse and dry before priming.

PRIMER: Depending on the absorbing state of the surface, it is necessary to prime with one or two layers dissolved with water in the ratio ½ of the “ESCO” material.

APPLICATION: Using different colors and different hand tools, one can get many different designs. To give the appearance of putty, apply the first layer of material on the surface with a wide spatula. Subsequent layers are applied with a special spatula with faceted edges, at certain periods of time. To get a more attractive effect, you can use different colors. To obtain a modern design, the product must be applied with a spatula as a patch design.

POLISHING: After drying the material with a spatula, apply “Esco VOSK” to the surface, then polish the surface with a low-speed grinder that does not leave hair on the surface.

PACKING AND STORAGE: “ESCO Venetseanka” is provided for use in a set of 5 kg Venetian, primer - 1 kg, wax - 0.150 kg. Store in the place protected from direct sunlight, in not very hot and not very cold places, in a clean and dry environment. Unopened packages can be stored for 12 months.


Products: coating material of a marble design.

Adhesion agents: acrylic copolymer.

Drying time: 60-90 minutes, full drying 24 hours.

Consumption per 10 m²: 3-5 kg of Venetian, 1 kg of primer, 0.150 kg of wax.

Application temperature: (+ 5°C) - (+ 35°C)

Tools for use: Trowel, putty knife (brick trowel)

Storage: 12 months in unopened packaging.