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IZOSTOP- Two Component Waterproofing Finishing

DESCRIPTION: A two-component, flexible, cement-based waterproofing composition. Powder component: cement-based with a special particle size filler containing chemical additives that can improve the physico-chemical properties and mortar performance. Liquid component: latex emulsion.

RANGE OF APPLICATION: It is used on bases in which deflections can form, in wet rooms, such as bathtubs, toilets, terraces, in swimming pools, in water tanks, in foundation waterproofing.

PROPERTIES: Ideal waterproofing before facing with ceramics and applying plaster. It can be used as insulation in drinking water storage tanks. High elasticity and binding ability. Convenient application by brush or roller. Provides easy and quick application. Does not create deflections and cracks. Due to its high adhesion and elasticity, it provides water impermeability under the screed and ceramic tiles. It is steady against fluctuations of temperature. It is reliably used in places in which deflections can form.


(Humidity 23°C and % 50)

Appearance: 1st component - Gray powder;

2nd component: White liquid

Dilution coefficient: 4.5 kg liquid/20 kg powder

Operating time: 3 hours

Area of coating: 1.5 - 2 kg/m2 (1mm thick)

Waiting time between layers: 5 - 6 hours

Commissioning of the surface: 3 - 7 days

SURFACE PREPARATION: The application surface should be free of pores and cracks. It is necessary to clean the surface of formwork oil, paint, dust and similar substances. It is necessary to remove foreign parts from the surface (metal, boards, etc.). The edges and corners need to be dressed down at the radius of 3 cm. After wetting the surface, it will be possible to proceed to use.

PREPARATION OF MORTAR AND APPLICATION: Mix the contents of the bag (20 kg dry mix) with 4.5 kg of a liquid component. The dry mixture should be poured at constant stirring. It is recommended to use a mixer at low speeds. Agitate the mixture until you get a homogeneous mix. Leave the prepared solution for 5 minutes. Stir well before use. A two-layer application of the solution by roller or brush is recommended. Depending on the temperature, wait for 5-6 hours before applying a second coat. For reinforcement in corners and at joints, use an additional reinforcing mesh. The prepared solution should be used within 3 hours. Dispose of the remaining solution. The surface with the applied solution should be protected from direct sunlight, rain and dust for 1 day. Since the solution is applied in a thin layer, the surface should be coated with plaster, ceramics or similar protective facing materials. Before using or coating with facing materials, at least for 3-7 days, protect the surface with the solution from mechanical damage. The primary structures to be walked on must be covered with screed, ceramic tiles or similar surface coat. For ceramic tiles after applying IZOSTOP® use VENTUM GRANITER® or VENTUM KONFOR®. 


Powder component: 20 kg kraft bags.

Liquid component: 4.5 kg. plastic cans.

Shelf life in dry places where there is no danger of freezing, in the original packaging, with the condition of stacking on each other with no more than 10 rows for a year from the date of manufacture. After opening the bag, it is recommended to use it within 1 week. Close the neck of unused packages


It is forbidden to add any foreign materials (lime, cement, gypsum, etc.) to the prepared solution.

Do not use an expired solution by mixing with water or with a dry solution.

It is recommended to use at the temperatures from + 5oC to + 35oC.

During the first 24 hours after application, IZOSTOP® must be protected from exposure to the sun, wind, rain and frost.

It is forbidden to apply on frozen surfaces.

Do not use in direct sunlight.

The liquid component is recommended to be stored in the dark place at the temperature of +5°C / +23°C.

Do not go beyond the scope of these instructions regarding application surface and method of application.

Do not breathe. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water; if necessary, consult a doctor. For all other questions related to the conditions of use and technical questions, please contact us for advice.