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RANGE OF APPLICATION: It is used as a decorative waterproofing surface on facades and indoors.

PROPERTIES: It protects facades from damage caused by freezing of wet plaster. It has a natural color, resistant to any weather conditions, does not change its color over the years and does not require painting. It does not have a radioactive background, unlike many other mineral coatings. It can be abrasive polished like a natural stone. It can be applied on plaster, stone, plasterboard or metal surface. It is resistant to wear and its surface hardness is high. It is used with the thickness of 2-2.5 mm.

APPLICATION AND SURFACE PREPARATION: The surface on which the solution will be applied must be pre-leveled, strong, clean, dry and primed. 

PREPARATION OF MORTAR AND APPLICATION: A second liquid component is added to the bucket with the first dry mixing component and is mixed with a medium speed hand mixer. After (3-5 minutes) the solution is re-mixed and application is started. If you need to apply two layers, you must wait until the first layer has dried. After application the surface is allowed to dry for at least 24 hours at the temperature of at least 15 degrees and medium humidity. If the material is used in the interior, the room should be ventilated within 24 hours to ensure complete drying.

CONSUMPTION: 1.4 – 1.8 kg per 1/m².

PACKING AND STORAGE: Delivered completed with a bucket (dry mix) and canister (liquid component). The shelf life is 1 year from the date of manufacture in places where there is no danger of freezing, being packed in the original packaging, under the condition of stacking on each other with no more than 5 rows. The prepared mass can be stored in a sealed, tightly closed container, and used within 1 month from the date of preparation.

WARNINGS: It is forbidden to add any foreign materials (lime, cement, gypsum, etc.) to the prepared solution.

Do not use an expired solution by mixing with water or with a dry solution.

It is recommended to use at the temperatures from + 5oC to + 35oC.

In windy weather, you need to protect it from quick drying out.

It is forbidden to apply on frozen surfaces.

Do not allow sand, stones or other foreign substances to enter the solution, as well as dried particles of the solution, if any remain on the container walls.

Do not go beyond the scope of these instructions regarding the application surface and method of application.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water; if necessary, consult a doctor. For all other questions related to the conditions of use and technical questions, please contact us for advice.

CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY: The above data were obtained in vitro. For more information, please contact our technical department.